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Kompeet consists of a carefully chosen mix of plant oils, with the specific use as a feed supplement for horses. Equine B9 is an exclusive, concentrated, organic horse feed supplement with the full spectrum of bioavailable vitamins and minerals.

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Kompeet Kompeet consists of a carefully chosen mix of plant oils, with the specific use as a feed supplement for horses. Equine B9 Equine B9 is an exclusive, concentrated, organic horse feed supplement with the full spectrum of bioavailable vitamins and minerals. Heavy Duty Magnetic Pulser. Colloidal Silver Generator. NOTE: Scoop size is 2. Toggle Sliding Bar Area.Site Search:. Order Online Today! Natural Hoof Trimming Discover the importance of a balanced, natural hoof shape.

Natural Environment Information about how to provide a natural environment that will enhance your horse's health and wellbeing. Natural Nutrition Important research into the horse's diet, minerals, herbs, essences and homeopathics.

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natural horse nz

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Farm talks can be given on request. HFS Ltd has extended their support to the Equine community holding Seminars for training in the use of homeopathy for horse owners and sales preparation specialists.

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natural horse nz

There are some Dietary Principles to understand and follow. Jenny Paterson. Some people don't even realise their horses are Grass Affected until it is too late and either they have a nasty accident or the horse becomes unrideable due to Head-Flicking or Laminitis.

The thing is that in most cases the symptoms occur long before the horses get to this stage - we are helping you to recognise the first signs and how to correct the horses diet immediately you notice any changes in the horse. In the mean time, visit our extremely informative website, which is being constantly updated with the latest research. We too continue on this journey of learning. Despite their owners spending vast amounts of money on professional advice, thousands and thousands of horses and ponies all over the planet succumb to a wide array of serious health and behaviour problems every year.

Ever more horses become over-reactive and therefore dangerous. The emotional toll on their owners is significant. Desperate owners spend significant amounts of money on every treatment known to mankind. If you have a horse who is doing well on CalmHealthyHorses Products we'd like to hear from you If you still feel you need extra advice, to save going back and forth, please include the following information in your email or message:.

Persil Beaucoup at 29 years.

Laminitis Series. Selenium Basics and kelp. Looking after Elderly Horses. The stuff you need to know about Rye Grass. We specialise in 'Grass Affected' Horses. That means we know this syndrome inside out, in fact it was Jenny who first recognised and coined the phrase 'Grass Affected' over ten years ago.

So how did this come about? For fifteen years, Jenny was a Horsemanship instructor teaching all over NZ. In those days many people arrived at lessons with all manner of problem horses.

She often had many students return again and again and the same problems kept rearing their head, despite the fact that they seemed to have been sorted in the lesson. Problems such as running off, being extra spooky, head-shy, aggressive, girthy, tight behind so unable to canter properly - swapping leads, 'bunny-hopping' with the back legs together.

These are but a few examples from a very long list. It became clear that it was nothing that the students themselves were doing wrong, and many of the students had also spent big money on excellent professional help encompassing every treatment known to mankind but still without satisfactory outcomes. Jenny started to notice her own horses would have problems when they grazed certain types of grass.

At first, she thought it was a purely mycotoxin problem but realised after a few more light bulb moments that there were other more important aspects of the pasture grass causing these issues besides toxins. She took on some 'seriously affected' horses and deliberately did nothing else but change their diet. Within a month or six weeks they would be completely back to normal without having done any 'work' on them whatsoever.

It was then she started to do serious study on the physiology of not only the horse but of the plants they were consuming. She conducted multiple forage tests and compared this to what horses in the wild or on very rough grazing on big country farms who show none of these symptoms would eat and discovered some major discrepancies. The penny was beginning to drop.

The plants the horses eat in the wild often have deep tap roots which bring up many of the minerals required for the horse to be healthy - these plants are absent from the domestic horses pasture. Of course everyone knew their horses tended to become extra 'hot' in spring and often in autumn with laminitis and head flicking also more common in these seasons too But all year round 'Grass Affected' horses are very common.

More so these days compared to years ago. Real-estate is much more expensive now and many people keep their horses on small blocks and think that a paddock of grass is all they need.

natural horse nz

But as most of you are learning: not all grass is equal.It seems like everyone knows at least one homemade horse fly spray recipe that uses natural ingredients.

Here at CowboyWay. We wanted to know if the homemade fly sprays with natural ingredients would actually keep flies from biting our horse, and if so, for how long. Note: By "natural" we mean a recipe that doesn't contain man-made insecticides. We chose the recipes we tested based on simplicity, ease of finding the ingredients, and a lack of ingredients like Pine-Sol that might be irritating to the horse.

We are in no way suggesting any of the recipes below are safe for you or your horse. Although our testing procedure was by no means scientific, we did try to be consistent with the testing conditions while we tried the different fly sprays.

Here is what we did when we tested each of the recipes found a little lower on this page:. Instructions Mix the ingredients together in a spray bottle. Shake well before every use and spray the horse. The Results For house flies and stable flies this recipe worked very well. In our opinion it worked better than several store-bought fly sprays we had recently used. It wasn't perfect - the house and stable flies still landed on the horse but the actual bites he experienced were definitely less.

However, it was a different story with deer flies. When we rode the horse away from the barn and house and out into the pasture the deer flies swarmed to him like he was a free, all-you-can-eat buffet.

The fly spray seemed to be of little or no help as the deer flies bit him constantly, all over, and in large numbers. How Long It Lasted This fly spray lasted between 45 minutes and an hour. It did work well for house and stable flies during that time. Our Opinion For house and stable flies we liked this fly spray recipe. It only has three easy-to-mix ingredients, and the ingredients are all natural remember, as we stated above we're defining "natural" as an ingredient that is not a man-made insecticide.

However, it did not work at all for deer flies. Instructions Mix the ingredients in a 32 ounce spray bottle. The Results Like recipe 1, above, this homemade horse fly spray worked well around the barn and house, but was of no help in the pasture for deer flies.

How Long It Lasted Also like recipe 1, above, this fly spray lasted between 45 minutes and an hour.

natural horse nz

Our Opinion While this recipe worked about the same as recipe 1 it has more ingredients to purchase and mix, so is therefore slightly more complicated to make. The conditioner kept plugging up the top of the bottle and using a kitchen funnel wasn't much help.

Since this recipe worked about the same as recipe 1, we prefer recipe 1 because it has fewer ingredients and is easier to mix. Note: Coconut oil is a liquid in hot summer temperatures above 76 degrees Fahrenheit. In cooler temperatures, it is a solid. Therefore, coconut oil may not be suitable for a fly spray recipe unless the temperatures are warm.

Instructions Put all of the essential oils and the coconut oil into a spray bottle.An ongoing essay about keeping horses naturally. Saturday, April 16, Trail Riding and Dressage. In the years I've been riding, all the horses I've met have been happy to go out on trails, and less than enthusiastic about arena work. Ginger in particular hated dressage but would happily go on a mile endurance ride in a heart beat, never mind her age and ailments. So naturally, I assumed that Sonny was the same way, and couldn't get him to go anywhere.

So finally over the last few days I've given up on trying to get him to go out of the yard, and instead have started playing with contact and I'm actually having fun riding him for the first time in a long time.

Live and learn. Labels: DressageSonny. Mainly focusing on water crossing, the ideas presented in this video will help with many problems encountered on the trail. Not only does Pat do a great solo presentation, but there is also a segment of him coaching students of varying levels across the stream.

I found this last part to be the most instructive and encouraging. Also no longer available from the Parelli website, you can probably find it on Ebay. I love it. Linda gives a great talk on how to ride, and the lesson on teaching the horse to collect himself rather than forcing and bending the horse into the "correct" outline, is great.

It's out of print but you might be able to find it on Ebay.

For Horses

Always inspiring. This presentation was what cued me in on the idea that Classical dressage might not be so different from true natural horse training as some think. More on this later. Saturday, October 25, Inspiration. I watched "The Miracle of the White Stallions" for the first time last night and was impressed and inspired. The horses performing in the movie, were in some cases, the actual horses from the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, and were working in the movie under the direction of Podhajsky himself.

I believe inspiration is very important. It's much easier to work hard and do a good job if you are inspired. Watching someone who knows what they're doing can also help serve as a little reminder that the goal you are trying to achieve is not hopeless.

Saturday, October 4, Horse Whiskers. May I start off with a personal chip on the shoulder. Why do we shave off horse whiskers?? These whiskers serve a very important purpose for the horse.